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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 20, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening. i'm ama daetz. the wife of a sonoma county man who survived an avalanche is talking about why his climb might be over even though he doesn't want it to be. three people remain missing, though today authorities called off the search to find them because of bad weather. john ryder of kenwood says his sherpa pushed him behind a block of ice where he remained uninjured.
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they were just below camp one about 19,000 feet up. the summit he wanted to reach was at 25,035 feet. he talked to his wife on tuesday using wi-fi at his base camp. he wants to complete the climb but he may not be able to. >> he needed time to be there and decide what to do. now if he can, he wants to go to the top. so right now it is uncertain because the sherpa have told the nepalese government that they want a list of requirements met before they'll go to the top, like they want retirement and several other things. >> there is a tight window in which ryder would be able to finish the climb because of weather conditions. he may miss it if the government and the sherpas don't come to an agreement soon. at least ten people were arrested at an unsanctioned 420 gatherering at golden gate park. thousands of people showed up to
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smoke. police haven't said what kind of felonies people were arrested for. there is another problem growing at the event, garbage. abc 7 report er servo quintana tells us more. >> reporter: after the crowd dissipates, that's when this group of volunteers with the green cross medical marijuana dispensary jumped into action. >> start picking up alltrash an reported on last year is not a repeat this year. >> reporter: this is the mess left behind last year, the city says it cost thousands of dollars and took days to clean up. >> i'm hoping in the future the city sees the benefit and actually allowing someone to host an event like this. >> reporter: 420 day is not a sanctioned event and there has been some question if the city can sign off on a day long party focusing on what is technically recreational drug use by many attendees. sanctioned or not, people came
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here from far and wide to celebrate. >> manhattan? >> fresno, california. >> this day in the sun surrounded by bongz and blunts met most people's expectations. >> just love and have a good time and have something to talk about. >> reporter: at golden gate park, abc news. here is a look at the travis in the area during today's 420 celebration. it was bad. made worse by the decision to close three streets near the park. that meant there were lots of cars going into the same small space, buses weren't much fun either. union officials say they were filled to the brim. right now, there is a high surf warning in the bay area. large waves can be seen from sonoma to monterey county. these waves are in pacifica. authorities say there is a greater risk for rip currents and sneaker waves. warning lasts until tomorrow morning, when another change in the weather will be closing in on the bay area.
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abc 7 meteorologist frances dinglasan has more. >> picking up clear skies all around the bay area, but tomorrow we could see a chance of rain move in late monday night into tuesday. and live doppler 7 will let you any when it could hit your neighborhood. highs today were extremely warm. well above average in many locations. in san rafael, 82. 83 in napa. san francisco, 10 degrees above normal at 75. 80 in san jose. temperatures are coming down as we look for mount tamm, a beautiful view out there, in the 50s and 60s. they will tumble some more tomorrow and i'll have the details, your temperature highs for tomorrow and several chances of rain in the active weather seven-day forecast. ama? >> thank you very much. san francisco police are investigating the cause of a crash involving a muni bus this morning happening on market and ninth streets just before 11:00 a.m. you see the smashed hood of the car. it deployed the air bags. the car's driver was taken to the hospital with unknown
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injuries. two passengers on the bus complained of head and neck injuries. traffic may have been a bit slow going along northbound 101 in santa rosa. one lane was shut down after a big rig overturned and caught fire near yolanda avenue. they believe the truck's driverer felldriver fell asleep at wheel. he got himself out of the rig, much to the disbelief of responding officers. >> there is no explanation after you see the damage to the vehicle and to the sign. >> the driver suffered minor injuries and transported to a local hospital. caltrans had to come out to secure the damaged sign. pg&e crews are working to restore power to more than 350 santa rosa customers tonight. they have been without power since 11:00 this morning when a traffic accident brought down some power lines. it happened here near mcbride and terry lanes. more than 5800 customers
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experienced an outage after the crash. pg&e expects remaining customers to have power restored by midnight. pg&e officials are scheduled to appear in federal court monday morning to face federal felony charges in connection with that deadly san bruno pipeline blast in 2010. that explosion and subsequent fire killed eight people, hurt dozens of others and destroyed 38 homes. the utility has been charged with 12 felony violations of federal pipeline safety laws carrying a possible fine of $6 million. federal prosecutors allege pg&e knowingly relied on erroneous and incomplete information when assessing the natural gas pipeline safety. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, a new reptor suggests green energy laws are being attacked one state at a time. plus, what is being blamed for the deaths of tens of thousands of california bees? thousands of california bees? and a
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a new report suggests conservative groups with deep pockets are attacking green energy laws on the state level. the l.a. times reports the cook brothers and other groups paid powerful political organizations to help roll back legislation that favors green energy. in dozens of states, they're focusing on two main policies, one requires utilities to get a certain amount of power from renewable resources. the other allows consumers with solar panels to sell energy back to the grid. environmentalists fear if the laws are rolled back in one state, it will be easier to do so in more states. bee keepers in the san joaquin valley are trying to figure out what is killing tens of thousands of bees. this are 1.6 million colonies. recently about 80,000 either died or became ill. some bee keepers believe
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pesticides may be to blame, specifically a practice called paint mixing when insecticides are applied early in the day when bees are foraging. state and federal lawmakers plan to work with bee keepers to reduce the risk these days while pollinating. it wasn't a bunny delivering special treats to the international space station for easter, it was a dragon. take a look. that's the name for space x's cargo ship that chased the space station for two days since its launch from cape canaveral, florida. astronauts used a robot arm to capture the capsule about 260 miles above egypt. inside, more than two tons of food, spacewalking gear, a little veggie hot house and care packages from the families of the six astronauts on board. nasa is starting a new program to work with teachers. coming up, how they'll help bring the curriculum from the classroom to the skies. and is there a change in the weather coming? meteorologist frances dinglasan is up next with the forecast. sharks and kings going at it
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in game two. i'm mark shumann. all they could han [sister off screen] so, and i lied to you earlier when i said that...we weren't ready to have a baby, we're actually eight-weeks pregnant. [women] shut up! [brother-in-law off camera] we're pregnant! [woman] you're kidding me! [man] shut up! [woman] shut up! [screams] take the kid,take the kid,take the kid!
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[woman] oh my god! [everyone laughter,crying]
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two stockton teachers are about to take the ride of their lives on board a specialized plane with nasa. they'll bring back what they learned and apply it in the classrooms. >> we're excited. itally been amazing to be part of this nasa experience. >> reporter: well, not quite on top of the world, but close. up in the stratosphere. >> during the eight, ten-hour flight, we'll be there to help calculate data, whatever they
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need us to do and we take that, that research process back to our students and can show them what real research looks like. >> reporter: the mission, helping nasa researchers collect data from infrared telescopes. strategic observatory for infrared astronomy. 11 other teams will descend upon the research center in palm dale this week, ready to help researcher and use the information they help collect to get students motivated. the program helps astronomers see beyond what ground-based telescopes can. as real world extension of the classroom the students see as taking their education out of this world. >> i'm getting e-mails and texts from them. >> reporter: a tremendous opportunity for a couple of schools in stockton. >> that was patrick walker reporting. the teachers will go on the flights when classes end this school year. this time to get a check on the weather. frances dinglasan is here with
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the changes coming. >> right now, live doppler 7 hd, changes around the bay area. we saw beautiful weather today. had to save this live shot. bay bridge toll plaza, folks heading home from spring break. it has been crowded this ng home. temperatures also coming down into the 60s and 50s. san francisco, 54. oakland, 59. red wood city, 67. and san jose, 63. we can also see some clear skies over the transamerica tower in san francisco. and currently at 57 in santa rosa and napa, 54 in petaluma. 62 in fairfield. we have a clear shot of san francisco and the bay bridge and the bay, so we have very clear skies tonight. it will stay that way overnight, into tomorrow. we'll see some little clouds develop overnight into tomorrow morning, but then increasing clouds throughout the day and much cooler temperatures with a chance of rain late monday night into tuesday morning. so we have a slow approaching
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cold front with a specific satellite image. we'll get the tail end of this and that's going to bring us the chance of rain monday night into tuesday. so i'll show you the forecast animation, which shows you how the timing plays out. slight chance of light rain. so nothing too heavy. but monday night, 9:00, we could see some rain as far south as clover dale. this is all very light rain. and then looks like we'll have a better chance in the overnight hours into tuesday morning, around 1:00. so some isolated showers possible into tuesday morning with even some sierra snow on tuesday. and i also want to take you to the overnight lows, on the cool side. upper 40s to near 50s once again. 47 in san rafael. 46 in napa. 51 in richmond. 50 in fremont. 50 in san jose. now, tomorrow, we'll see cloudy conditions and temperatures will come down quite a bit. i showed you earlier how we saw a lot of numbers in the low 80s.
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tomorrow, we'll see numbers from the 50s at the coast to 60s around the bay, 61 in san francisco, to 68 in palo alto. and 66 in oakland to low 70s inland. we're coming down by a good ten degrees. in fact, today, we were anywhere from ten to 15 degrees above average. so we had a great easter sunday. tomorrow, if you're headed to the a's game, it starts at 7:05. mike will have the highlights from today's game. tomorrow, cloudy. the rain will stay away from the game, but temperatures will be cool, in the low to mid-50s. the sun sets at 7:51. here is your accuweather seven-take foseven seven-day forecast. look for a cooldown tomorrow with a chance of rain late monday night into tuesday. even cooler on tuesday with windy conditions. then normal, partly cloudy, midweek, wednesday, thursday. and then several chances of rain by the end of next week.
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saturday, sunday looks unsettled. better chance then. hopeful we'll get some. >> certainly, thank you so much, frances. here with sports, the a's enjoying their easter. >> sweep the astros with today's victory. chavez got his first win, oakland has the best record in the american league. he got help but mainly from josh donaldson. first inning, coco crisp to right. looks like extra bases, but check out george springer. lays out, unbelievable catch. wow. i'm even impressed. donaldson had himself a day. lowrie on first. crutch over the left field wall. fourth of the year, gives oakland a 2-0 lead. chavez picked up his first win of the year, one run over six innings. donaldson had two doubles on his way to a three hit, three rbi day. off the wall, coco scores. sweep the astros. they're 13-5 and have the best record in the american league.
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>> i don't feel like we're playing -- we're going to be playing hopefully here soon. i feel like we have a good team and guys are doing this day in and day out. >> giants trying to end a three-game slide out of san diego. tim lincecum on the hill. buster posy facing robbie erlin. see you. 3-0. bases loaded. pagan rips one to right center. crawford, 4-0, ball game. last hit of the guy for the g men. bases loaded, chase headley, rips this elbow, former cal bear, xavier nighty. he's called safe, but bruce bochy challenges the call and after the replay, called out instead of 4-3. it would be 4-2. that would be the difference. to the tank, sharks and
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kings. the kings came out firing in first period, leading 2-0. the tanks blackened before the face-off. rickey henderson in the house. mike brown fires it past jonathan quick, first career playoff goal. 4 1/2 minutes late, sharks even. charlottes get the home back to a piece. deflected to justin brawny. beats again. a barrage of goals. they're up 6-2, complete highlights at 11:00 p.m. on abc. nba playoffs, greg pop rich looking to get back to the finals again this year. dallas, tony parker past dirk nowitzki. second quarter, leonard off the turnover. consequence, anyone. anyone? easy money. seven errors faces dallas with 19. off balance layup.
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first down, held the mavs to one field goal in the last seven minutes to duncan. during the game, junior filled in for craig senior who is interviewing. >> you did a great job. but i would rather have your dad standing here. we miss you. you been an important life of all of us for a long time. we want your family back on the court and i promise i'll be nice. >> very touching. king james and the heat, their quest to defend the title. check it out. birdman anderson and wildcats down five. lebron and company pull away to wide open beyond the ark. john wall in the fifth seeded wizards taking on the bulls in chicago. fourth quarter, bulls up. bulls up -- chicago up 5,
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feeling good, feeling wouldn't last. late wall, misses the judger, martin gore cleans that up. he had 15. final round of the rbi hartage. matt kuchar entered the day four shots pack. seventh birdie in the first ten holes of the day. after the bogey on 17, he dropped into a tie. he holes ought for 764. one last chance for donald, this chip in to go in on 18th. right on line. whoo! matt kuchar seven career pg&e tournaments on easter sunday. we'll have your complete shark highlights at 11:00 p.m. on abc. we'll see you then. looking good for game two of the sharks. >> all right, thank you. coming up next at 9:00, johnny depp returns to the big screen in a sci-fi
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coming up at 11:00, a teen claims he stowed away on a flight from san jose international airport, all the way to hawaii. how he says he did it and what police are saying. plus, a good samaritan comes to the rescue after a 7-year-old boy nearly drowns in san land row. what the man who saved the boy's life is saying tonight. and the preparation is under way for tomorrow's boston marathon and the security changes one year after the deadly attack at the finish line. tonight on abc news at 11:00. captain america continues to dominate the box office. the product owned by our parent company disney topped $200 million. it is the 12th marvel comic film to reach the mark in the u.s. captain america, the winter soldier, earned $26 million this weekend. in second place, rio 2.
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heaven is for real came in third this easter weekend with $21 million. transcendence starring johnny depp debuted in fourth place with $11 million and the haunted house 2 debuted. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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